A new model of
management to
your business
Um novo modelo
de gestão para o
seu negócio.




We know the challenges to growth in companies

We are a multidisciplinary team and we count on entrepreneurs and investors with experience in transforming business and supporting companies in the process of growth and professionalization.

Vamos fazer junto com você, planejando os objetivos de curto, médio e longo prazo, e trabalhando para colocá-los em prática com proximidade, confiança e empatia.

Therefore, we created a shared management model

What is it?

A complete and exclusive solution to transforming the type of management in your business.

Which themes are involved?

We have experts who perform in all main areas of the company.


Finances and Controllership


People and Culture


Operation and Logistics


Marketing and Sales


Merge and Acquisitions

Two categories of work thought for your business:

Shared Management

Complete solution, involving the five main themes for transformation of your business: Controllership, People and Culture, Operation and Logistics, Marketing and Sales and Merge and Acquisitions.

Specific Management

Management with focus on your company’s necessity, as to promote a better administration and transformation of the desired area.

We will manage your business together with you.

HAND acts on goal planning on short, medium and long term, working by your side to put in practice, always with proximity, confidence and empathy.

Advantages of Hand's Management Models

Multidisciplinary crew

Outward vision, unbiased and neutral

Experience in other sectors, companies and segments

Expertise in management

No risks of being "swallowed" by the operation

Connection between strategic planning and practical execution

Acting and participation in execution

Strategic planning elaboration using adequate methodology for the reality of business

Implementation of discipline in the company

We believe in the efficiency of our methodologies for your company's management

We present high level strategic solutions, responsible for expanding the vision for business and marketplace. We apply a process of management improvement with the implementation of tools to upgrade profitability and value the company.

Principles that conduct our Management to your business


We pursue improving the value chain in your company: we focus our energy in designing processes that really work and bring the right suppliers for implementation.


We will support the decisions with a neutral point of view and no emotional intervention.


We believe in your business: we will be your right arm in decisions and strategy implementations.